China, the US and their extractive elites

This piece by professional contrarian Ron Unz has been doing the rounds in the paleo-conservative part of the blogosphere. Ron Unz compares and contrasts the US problem with its ‘extractive elites’ and China’s and contrary to what one might expect, doesn’t pronounce the US as necessarily having a cleaner bill of health.

Unz’s piece is certainly well researched and interestingly argued with facts and figures. For instance, he puts in perspective the corruption involved in China’s high speed rail project which led to the downfall of a Railways Minister, discusses China’s attempts at tackling healthcare reform and has an interesting case study comparing the Chinese media’s coverage of the recent infant formula scandal with the US media’s treatment of a similar public health disaster in the US (about which I literally knew nothing until I read it here).

Ultimately I think Unz overstates his case that the US may be doing less well under its extractive elites than China under party rule but the piece is well worth reading for the depth of research alone.

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