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Women and the Arab Spring

Some realistic thinking about what can be achieved in modernising attitudes in the Middle East even after the ‘Arab Spring’: When an article in the Egyptian criminal code says that if a woman has been beaten by her husband “with … Continue reading

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The sushi master’s obsession

Usually, fine dining doesn’t get me that excited (I do love food but prefer the fare prepared by short order cooks) but I think I can make an exception for sushi. I love the artistic minimalism of Japanese food and … Continue reading

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China, the US and their extractive elites

This piece by professional contrarian Ron Unz has been doing the rounds in the paleo-conservative part of the blogosphere. Ron Unz compares and contrasts the US problem with its ‘extractive elites’ and China’s and contrary to what one might expect, … Continue reading

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The case for narrow banking?

John Quiggin makes the case for narrow banking in the pages of The National Interest: Attempts to regulate the market for derivatives have been stymied by a mixture of determined resistance from the industry and the technical difficulties of defining … Continue reading

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Asian welfare states

Joe Hockey has been stirring up debate suggesting that we might look less to Europe and more to Asian countries on how to configure our approach to delivering welfare services. While Hong Kong came up as the obvious reference point, … Continue reading

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Good governments, gangs and over-reach

Harry Clarke blogs about the very interesting Peter Robb book on Sicily which discusses the development of the Mafia, originally as a ‘protection agency’ because of the lack of proper rule of law. However, Harry comes up with some non-sequiturs … Continue reading

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Random observations from Malaysia 1

I recently returned from a holiday trip to my birthplace of Malaysia which included a short stopover at Singapore. Here are some random observations: 1) Laotian live-in maids are the latest ‘in thing’  in Malaysia and have to some extent … Continue reading

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